ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - On June 28, 2017 Governor Christie made it legal to sell, possess and ignite “ novelty nonexplosive fireworks” ( sparklers, glow worms and smoke producing  devices ) In the state of New Jersey.  This notice is to remind you of the importance of remaining safe while using these now legal devices.  It is important to know that these sparklers, declared legal by Governor Christie, can burn between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees and are to blame for 41% of all firework related injuries thru out the country.  Please keep in mind the following safety tips and be advised that the use of ALL other kinds fireworks will result in a zero tolerance policy.

  1. Fireworks are not to be used by anyone under the influence of legal or non-legal substances.
  2. Children under the age of 16 shall still not possess or use any firework device
  3. Sparkler holders should be standing up, not laying down or unattended.
  4. Wear closed toe shoes when using these devices.  No flip flops
  5. Do not pass an already lit sparkler
  6. Lighting more than one stick at a time is extremely dangerous.
  7. There should be a 6’ distance between people using sparklers.
  8. While it may seem festive to waive a sparkler, waiving the device may be extremely dangerous.  Sparklers shall be stationary in their use.
  9. Sparklers are not batons.  Do not toss or throw them and never attempt to touch someone with one
  10. The stick can remain hot, long after the flame Is gone.  Proper disposal of the sparkler should be placing it in a bucket of water
  11. Fireworks are not toys and should not be used as such
  12. If anyone is injured by fireworks, immediately seek medical attention.  If an eye injury occurs, do not allow the operson to rub or touch the eye as it can cause more damage.  ALL burn injuries shall be reported.  Avoid putting burn cream or ointment on any burn injury until seeing a medical professional.

The Atlantic Highlands Fire Marshal’s Office does not promote, condone or encourage the use of any of these devices, legal or otherwise.   Please report all incidents to the police department 732-291-1214