HAMILTON, NJ - AAA Clubs of New Jersey remind all new drivers that as of May 1, 2010 changes to the Graduated Drivers’ license (GDL) law are in effect. The new law addresses some of the biggest dangers to young drivers in their first year of driving.

“We know that distracted driving, driving with multiple passengers and nighttime driving present the biggest dangers to teen drivers, these new restrictions will help teens grow into safer drivers,” Tracy E. Noble spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic, said.

The new law restricts teens with a permit or a probationary license from carrying more than one passenger, driving from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. and from using hand-held and hands- free electronic devices. In addition the law changes the name of the provisional license to probationary license.

In addition permit and probationary license holders must display a decal on their license plate. The new decal will allow law enforcement to better enforce the new GDL restrictions.

“By providing law enforcement with the necessary tools we can ensure that teens are following the law and learning the habits that will make them safer drivers,” Noble added.

The decals, which are removable, were designed to be non-descript but easily identifiable for law enforcement, must be displayed on the front and back license plate of vehicles driven by permit or provisional license holders under 21.

The decals can be purchased for $4 at your local Motor Vehicle Agency.