Ocean Township, NJ - On Saturday, September 25, 2010, Prevention First will host the 11th Anniversary of Chess Fest in Convention Hall in Asbury Park.  ChessFest is a family fun event and one of the many important programs that supports Prevention First’s mission of keeping children healthy, safe and drug-free. This year’s event is planned to benefit the more than 200 children and adults who are expected to participate. Since its inception eleven years ago, the focus of ChessFest has been on local children, attracting youth from Monmouth and surrounding counties. The primary goal of this event is for children to develop an interest in an activity that engages their mind and lowers the chances that they will engage in substance abuse or violent behavior. Chess helps children learn valuable life lessons including strategic thinking, delayed gratification and conflict resolution skills. More than just an enjoyable game, chess is a healthy activity that aids in the development of logic, reasoning and problem-solving abilities, memory and concentration, visualization skills, critical thinking, patience and determination.

Instruction will be given for those children who do not know how to play the game, and free chess sets and boards will be distributed from the New Jersey State Chess Federation to the first 100 children to register. Chess masters and experts from around the area will play simultaneous chess games with children participating in the event for awards and trophies.

Onlookers are invited to join the festivities and watch the featured event, the “Human Chess Game,” which will begin at 12:30pm. This unique and fun game features children and chess masters as actual playing pieces on a life-sized chessboard!

For further information, contact Michelle Cicalese at 732.663.1800, ext. 219 or visit www.preventionfirst.net.

About Prevention First -- Prevention First is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency and Registered New Jersey Professional Development Provider, providing students, parents and professionals with research-based prevention education programs to help children successfully handle difficult everyday situations as well as extraordinary challenges such as violence and substance abuse.