eric brophyLeaders who lead.  Wednesday's DNC events surrounded building a case for Secretary Clinton as a strong leader who will lead the country in a positive direction.

The NJ delegation heard from some of its strongest legislators during the morning breakfast including the congressional delegation and state legislators.  

eric brophy chris murphy

Photo: Sen. Chris Murphy (r) of Connecticut spoke about gun violence.

Notably, VP candidate Tim Kaine described how the accomplishments that both he and Secretary Clinton will lead the US to be greater.  Senator Kaine, often speaking in Spanish, during his speech showed that the country has been on the incline over the past 8 years under President Obama and that policies and ideas developed by the president with the aid of Secretary Clinton have made the country the strongest it has been in 50 years.

dnc joe signs

Vice President Joe Biden was a show stopper within the convention hall.   His ability to tell it like it is captured the delegates.  Many of us are lamenting the fact that he will be out of politics soon and his 4 decades of positive change will leave a vast void.

dnc obama signs

Anyone who saw President Obama last night saw him at his best.  President Obama drove home his record of success over the past 8 years and explained how Secretary Clinton helped him in doing so.  The transition from Obama to Clinton seemed to be an easy one based on the case that was laid out.

dnc philadelphia sign

Notwithstanding the production and the content of the politicized speeches, one thing has stood out over the past three days of the DNC.  That is, the contrast in quality and content of the parties platforms, leaders and policies couldn't be clearer.  The DNC has been an adult conversation about moving the country forward.  Wherein, the RNC seemed nothing more than a name calling shout fest with no real plans.  

Everyone should make the effort and watch the speeches on Day 4.