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anne mikolay 2012 120Sometimes, the power of the internet is used for good.

Nine year old Jacob Thompson’s situation has gone viral. Thanks to the internet, strangers across the world are reaching out to Jacob. If you are not in daily touch with the internet and don’t know who Jacob is, never fear. You, too, can put a smile on Jacob’s face. All you have to do is send him a Christmas card.

Jacob was diagnosed with stage four high-risk neuroblastoma when he was five years old. Sadly, in October, 2017, Jacob entered hospice care at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine; his parents were told little Jacob had only a month to live.

The Thompson family will celebrate Christmas early this year with Jacob, and via Facebook, has requested Christmas cards for Jacob or videos of families singing holiday songs especially for him.

It will only take a few moments for you to write out a Christmas card for Jacob. If you play an instrument or sing, please consider putting your talents to good use and posting a holiday performance for Jacob on the hospital’s Facebook page. If you’re a teacher, gather your students in song and post, or have your class create cards for Jacob. Jacob likes penguins and Star Wars. At his family’s request, any toys or gifts sent to Jacob will be donated to patients at the hospital.

Hop to it, folks! This little boy and his family are in need of support. For the cost of a card and a stamp, you can put a smile on a child’s face. Here’s when you prove what you’re made of. If you have a heart, reach out to Jacob and the Thompson family.

Please send your cards and greetings to:

Jacob Thompson
c/o: Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

If you would like to upload a video for Jason, visit The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center on Facebook.

Remember Jacob and his family in your prayers. Thank you!