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anne mikolay 2018Let’s talk about stupidity.

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted a photo of CNN’s Anderson Cooper immersed in waist-high floodwater with Cooper’s nearby camera crew standing only knee-deep in the same.

Trump’s tweet: “It’s a shame that CNN’s ratings are down 41%.  What’s worse is there’s a simple solution that they refuse to accept. Stop Lying to try to make @realDonaldTrump look bad.”

While mini-Trump probably thought his tweet was clever, more savvy observers, including Anderson Cooper himself, readily see the arrogance and dishonesty in Trump’s words. The timing of the tweet implies the included photo is Cooper deceptively reporting on Hurricane Florence; in truth, the photo is Cooper reporting fourteen years ago on Hurricane Ike, with his camera crew very obviously standing on higher ground. Trump Jr.’s “clever” tweet, then, only serves to illustrate his petty, vindictive mindset. He took the time to dig out an “incriminating” picture of Anderson Cooper to support the Trump administration’s war against the media, but Trump, Jr. did his father no favors. Junior’s strategy backfired; he made himself look stupid and manipulative. In addition to the adolescent strategy at work here, Trump compounded his ignorance by unnecessarily capitalizing the word “lying” in his very stupid tweet. Perhaps Communications 101 was never taught to stable geniuses.

Let’s talk about the heartless.

NBC News reported a heartbreaking animal rescue during Hurricane Florence (only one of many similar rescues). Volunteers Ryan Nichols and David Rebollar, accompanied by journalist Marcus DiPaola, were helping residents of flooded Leland, North Carolina escape rising waters when they happened upon six dogs trapped in a cage behind a house. The water was rising; the dogs were howling in fear. The men released the dogs and took them to higher ground. What kind of people leave their pets behind to face disaster and possible death? When you take an animal into your home, you assume responsibility for its life. Any evacuation plan should include the furry family members. Abandoning any animal, especially during a horrific event like Hurricane Florence, is abhorrent. Shame on heartless individuals who leave their pets behind. Thank God for angels of mercy like Nichols, Rebollar, and DiPaola.

Members of the First Family should strive to be examples of respectability. Utilizing a devastating event like Hurricane Florence to sabotage the media is selfish, deceitful, and downright stupid. Leaving pets behind during disasters like Florence, disregarding their physical and emotional welfare (yes, animals have emotions!) is beyond cruel.

This world would be a much better place with a little more caring and a lot less stupidity. Maybe that’s what Melania Trump means when she says, “Be better.” Be more caring. Be less stupid!


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