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anne mikolay 2012 120The recent contentious Kavanaugh proceedings in Washington clearly demonstrated how deeply divided this country is. During the confirmation hearings, truth was bandied about as a political weapon and disgracefully usurped by political agenda. While the accused and the accuser were encouraged to “speak their truth,” nobody cared to objectively listen to either unless the individuals spoke the truth the particular political party wanted to hear.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford “spoke her truth” as she remembered it. As an alleged traumatized victim of sexual assault, there were understandable gaps in her story, but Republicans branded her a liar before she even took her seat. She wasn’t saying what they wanted to hear, so she was wrong. Dismissed!

Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice, faced the same ignorant reception. As Trump’s associate, Kavanaugh had an automatic bullseye on his back and would never be able to sway Democrats. Kavanaugh, viewed by his opponents as a beer guzzling lech and a liar, was guilty of sexual assault. End of story!

Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh deserved to be fairly heard without bias. They were not. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings did nothing more than fan the flames of derision. Why? Why couldn’t Republicans and Democrats set aside their differences to give Ford and Kavanaugh equitable treatment? Why couldn’t Republicans and Democrats find middle ground, strip away all the he-said, she-said banter and do what is right for the American people, rather than for themselves?

Because of Donald Trump. That’s why.

Impartiality and decency are not part of the Trump administration. President Donald Trump relishes division. A man who publicly mimics and degrades an alleged victim of sexual assault, who apologizes to Associate Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh for the “lies and deception” Democrats unleashed upon him, who consistently promotes persecutory delusions and stirs the pot with accusations of “fake news,” is not likely to heal the nation. The man who rose to the top by dividing Americans is not going to do anything to bring us together.

In this armchair critic’s view, the Kavanaugh hearings did nothing more than muddy the waters and widen division. Donald Trump, with his “look what the Dems have done now” rhetoric, has giddily cemented our bipartisan world, and never the twain shall meet.


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