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anne mikolay 2018As Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump lock horns over funding the border wall, one thing is shamefully clear: this isn’t about the wall.

The border wall, however, has taken on a life of its own as a volatile symbol of what’s ailing our nation. It’s pointless now to review Trump’s recently televised national address and the misleading facts therein; exposing the man’s lies has been done to little effect. Additionally, at this juncture, it is equally pointless to list reasons to support or oppose the wall. Such repetitive rhetoric is nothing more than hot air now. The government shutdown and the standoff between Pelosi and Trump is no longer about the influx of immigrants over the border. It’s about Trump.

Plain and simple: Trump wants what Trump wants, and those who worship him believe he should have it and care little what methods, fair or unfair, the man employs. Democrats, on the other hand, strive to impede Trump’s bulldozing agenda. The government shutdown and the standoff between Democrats and Republicans is a pathetic he-said, she-said political circus which is not about the wall anymore. It’s about an out-of-control individual in the Oval Office, wreaking havoc on the world. Sadly, Donald Trump is unfit to serve.

It is not normal to unceasingly lie, even when such lies are called out. It is not normal to enter important negotiations in the Situation Room and hand out candy like Santa Claus, and expect acquiesence in return. It is not normal to repeatedly tweet outrageous accusations. It is not normal, especially for the President of the United States, to routinely give sophomoric, derogatory nicknames to constituents who don’t share the same views. It is not normal to deem the press “fake news” when reports are not in sync with one’s self-image, nor is it normal to deem another political party “the opposition party” because you didn’t get your way. It is not normal to shower dictators and tyrants with praise. It is not normal to be so out-of-touch with reality that you believe “adjusting” to a government shutdown will be easy for government workers unable to pay rent or buy food. It is not normal to intentionally stir animosity and divide the American people. Donald Trump does not need a wall; he needs a doctor, and the American people need someone in the White House to stand up, invoke the 25th Amendment, and depose the President.

This is no longer about the wall.


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