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Pleased that my 2nd venture to the theater (post lock down) was solid.  

I was optimistic that an action thriller starring very good Jim Caviezel (always plays dark but excellent characters) and was less than 2 hours long (1:47) had to be good.  Well done “Infidel".

Very passionate and educated in the area of world religions (and his own Christianity),  Caviezel is invited from the US to a not surprisingly hostile Cairo (to be a guest speaker at some religion based conference). During the conversation, he strongly crosses the Muslim world in explaining who Jesus was in his religious world (sorry I am not explaining well).

All heck breaks loose and he is arrested, found guilty and seemingly locked away for life in Iran.  The US government has no interest in rescuing this international political time bomb.   His wife, who seems to work for government (who had strongly urged him not to go), heads to Iran solo to rescue him without a plan or contact.

She hides her disbelief in God (tied to a traffic accident where she lost her unborn baby).  When an underground Christian group finds her and offers excellent assistance.  Based on a true story, you can imagine where the story line goes.  A nice action thriller tied with international intrigue and violence and it works.

Lets be candid, coming off of 6 months of silence on the big screen, my bar is low for some theater enjoyment.  “Infidel” was not great and yes maybe forgettable, but for right now, I am thrilled I saw it & enjoyed.

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