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David Prown

Was totally juiced to see a Russell Crowe film so “Unhinged” rose to near the top of my list.  Mr. Crowe owned seemingly a 10 year run as the premier Hollywood actor but I struggle remembering a meaty, unforgettable role in the last 5-10 years (bet I am wrong).  Still a BIG fan

Speaking of BIG, R.C. is rocking the “It Is Balloon” theme for this role - actually really works

When the ticket attendant told me the movie was about Road Rage...I was not happy (almost hoping I would fall asleep).  Too much anger in this world already and wasn’t excited to see it played out on the big screen.

Right away we see an uber angry Russell Crowe right out of the gate wasting his Ex and more...seriously scares the crap out of the audience.  A recent divorcee, he is  hugely angry at the legal system and really the whole world.

Within short, he encounters an “in-process divorcee” herself, Caren Pistorius, who is very amped up herself, in a road rage situation and both their worlds explode.  The violence is BRUTAL, but Crowe’s “Death by Anybody” path is playing out in front of us.  

Now single Mom Pistorius is pretty darn fearless and the words “I’m sorry” in an effort to lower the anger temperature is not in her vocabulary.   This “War” gets edgier and edgier while I enjoyed the use of technology by Crowe to track his prey.

Predictable ending but I sure didn’t fall asleep here.  No post season awards yet definitely entertaining.




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