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January marks School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey, and the Monmouth County School Boards Association adopted a resolution commending the dedication and effort of local school trustees throughout the county.

“School board members devote countless hours to their communities and public education, on behalf of children. They do this without receiving any compensation,” states the Monmouth County School Boards Association’s resolution. “Many local board members dedicate extraordinary amounts of time and effort to attend training and to reach out to state and federal lawmakers on behalf of their communities’ children.”


Since the first School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey in 2002, the State Board of Education, the state-level public body that regulates public education, has approved resolutions to honor the work done by local school board members.

“Local school boards oversee their communities’ education programs and work with chief school administrators to set goals for our children’s education,” said Al Miller, president of the Monmouth County School Boards Association. “With more than 5,000 men and women serving on the state’s local boards of education, school board members constitute the largest group of public officials in New Jersey.”

“School Board Recognition Month was designed to thank current and former school board members for their dedication on behalf of, and service to, their communities,” said Michael McClure, New Jersey School Boards Association president. “New Jersey’s local school boards serve as the community’s voice in setting goals for their schools.”

As an advocacy and service organization for the state’s local boards of education, NJSBA is spearheading a statewide School Board Recognition Month effort.

The National School Boards Association began School Board Recognition Month in the early 1990s, and various other states followed suit by dedicating one month of the year to recognize the contributions of local board members.

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Al Miller

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Howell Twp. Board of Education

Monmouth County School Boards Association 

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