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Mr. Burke presents nothing more than his unfounded opinion. (74,000,000 Voters Feel Disenfranchised) Those voters got their vote in, so how were they disenfranchised?  If the treasonous riots of January 6 were peaceful, what does he consider a riot? Furthermore, I would dispute the numbers being at 500,000. In his very long letter he continuously states his unverifiable opinion and view of personal encounters and incidents. He should be thankful for his constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech.

President Trump lost by a wide margin. Thousands of poll workers across the country did not get together and conspire to throw the election. Votes have been recounted, even to a hand recount in Georgia. The voting process was overseen by many and even an international voting rights commision. He states that there is overwhelming evidence of fraud as discovered by experts, but he never quotes specifically any verifiable studies or names these experts.

Trump lost his cases in dozens of court decisions.  Were all of the judges,some appointed by Trump, all in on some conspiracy? It's unfortunate that such baseless paranoia is published as required under freedom of speech. Facts are facts even when they are not what one wants to believe.

Lou Rivera

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