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shakespeare folgerMANALAPAN, NJ - “The Wonder of Will” a program celebrating the legacy of William Shakespeare, will be livestreamed from the Folger Shakespeare Library on Saturday, April 23, at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive. The program begins at 11:45 and there is no registration necessary for the free presentation.


The Folger Shakespeare Library, which houses the world’s largest collection on Shakespeare, is located on E. Capitol St. in Washington D.C.   Established in 1932 by Henry and Emily Folger as a gift to the American people, the Library soon became a world-class research center on Shakespeare outside of England. Its outreach programs include the Folger Theatre productions, as well as numerous exhibitions lectures and publications. The event being live-streamed at the Library headquarters will include performances as well as personal connections from a varied collection of actors, community leaders, artists and scholars.

“We are fortunate to be able to offer this event,” said Renee Swartz, chairperson of the Monmouth County Library Commission. “to show Shakespeare’s impact, not only on literature,  but history as well,  since so much of his writings reflect the tensions, speech, international trade and even religious tolerance of the era in which he lived. To be able to offer it on Shakespeare’s  452nd birthday is a highlight of the month long series of events the library is presenting for people and interests of all ages.” The Library if featuring activities, programs, books, and films on Shakespeare in all of the branches throughout April, which also makres the 450th anniversary of the poet’s death.

For more information on the variety of Shakespeare programs and activities being offered at Library Headquarters and all the branches, visit www.monmouthcountylib.org.


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