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joshua ruggeri artworkHIGHLANDS, NJ - Joshua never returned to Water Witch after his opening in 2016.  He didn't have to because all of the piece that he brought found a new home.  We have been long awaiting for the return of Ruggeri, and he is finally back!  The installation will run June 29, 2019 thru September 2019.

'Neo-Pop' is often the term used for Ruggeri's body of work.  The artwork takes on a satirical view of social, political and cultural issues and ideas.  Joshua paints the American dream while combining the cult of celebrity, comic aesthetics and music heroes to paint powerful, projective narratives.  While using familiar visual signs, icons and ads and arranging them into explosive layered paintings, they demand attention.  He uses a large arsenal of mediums that include aerosol, acrylic, oil sticks and markers to just about anything he can get his hands on to give life and form to his style."

Join us for a meet-the-artist reception on June 29, 2019 7pm - 9pm

For more information email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To see more of Ruggeri's pieces http://www.krop.com/jruggs/

Water Witch is located at 67 Waterwitch Ave Highlands, NJ 07732

For more information call (732) 204-2468 or visit https://www.waterwitchcoffee.com/