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lillith movieSeptember 13TH – 20TH, 2019 at 8:30PM


Atlantic Cinemas is proud to announce the premiere of “Lillith”, a Ritterhaus Productions original film. This event will be held September 13th-20th at 8:30PM each night. A surprise Q&A with the creators will be held as well, tickets will be sold for $16 each. You can buy tickets through our website, https://www.atlanticcinemas.com/lillith

About “Lillith”

After catching her long-term boyfriend cheating, Jenna Collins turns to the dark arts seeking revenge. Jenna's vengeance comes in the form of Lillith: a shape-shifting hell spawn fueled by sex and violence. Lily quickly begins carving a path of carnage everywhere she goes, leaving Jenna behind to pick up the pieces.

The run time on this film is approximately 1 hour 34 minutes and 4 seconds, is rated (R), and is in the Horror/Comedy genre.

Director Biography
Lee Esposito is a New Jersey based independent horror filmmaker and a founding member of Ritterhaus Productions. He is known for his work creating online interactive narratives and is a prolific horror critic and commentator. His directorial debut, Lillith, is set to premiere in 2019.

lillith movie logoDirector Statement

“Lillith is a project that began as something completely different than what it eventually became. It spawned from my want to make something schlocky and silly. Pumpkinhead's idea of "The Seven Deadly Sins" existing in physical form was something that fascinated me, and I wanted to play off of that. I wanted something self-aware and not-so-serious; The Evil Dead but with a lust demon. As I began to write it, that all went out the window in favor of something a lot more personal, and as the characters started to become mouthpieces for my own views, Lillith transformed into a 90s-era black comedy with a heavy focus on interpersonal relationships and revenge.”

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