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Bill Sabanskas, a resident at Care One

MIDDLETOWN, NJ – A total of 144 people including employees and residents received the Covid 19 vaccine over a six hour period at Care One at King James yesterday. This is the first Care One facility in the state to have received the vaccine and one of few care centers in Monmouth County.

In addition to caregivers and other employees at the Care Center, and the residents, the vaccine was also administer to doctors and other in-house support personnel.

The Pfizer vaccine was administered and arrangements made for the second dose as required by the pharmaceutical firm for complete vaccine administration.  That will take place in another 21 days.

The CVS national chain of drug stores provided the vaccine as well as a staff of seven to administer it. The program is managed at the national level and staff is assigned to each clinic for the vaccine administration.

While most residents were administered the vaccine in the comfort of their own rooms to prevent any discomfort, a small group were brought to the main room set up for the procedures for the vaccine. All were carefully observed for a specific time afterward to ensure no allegoric or untoward results, regardless of whether they received the vaccine in the clinic set up in the main dining room or in their own rooms. All vaccines were administered by the CVS staff with the assistance of the Care One staff.

“We only learned two days before Christmas that we would have the vaccine today.,” said Administrator Meagan Yorks. “However, our staff was ready, our facility had been looking forward to it and the entire day ran smoothly and without any incidents.”

Nor did the six hour process interfere with any other activities or programs scheduled for today. Off-duty staff members  and support  receiving the vaccine were given specific times to be present for their appointment.

The Care Center continues to be Covid free, and visitation continues to be limited to window visits to ensure continued safety for everyone. Family members and friends can continue to call to make arrangements for window visits either by phone or electronic communication.

Friends and other interested persons  are also permitted to bring gifts of food or treats to the Care Center where they can be left at the front desk for delivery to either specific residents as requested or to all long term care residents by nursing staff.

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